Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Travis Johnson –

Coach TJ uses a remarkable training system that is like no other. He came across this system while looking for some new drills for one of his baseball and fast pitch softball students.  While surfing the web Coach TJ came across a number of baseball videos breaking down the swings of the best hitters in Major League Baseball.  Right away he noticed something different from what he was taught when he was playing professional baseball and starting digging into the information further.  After further research he came across Sparky Parker and The PT Method of hitting.  Blown away by what he was seeing Coach TJ emailed Sparky and followed up with a phone call and the rest as they say “is history”.

Part of the reason that Coach TJ was blown away is because he has been trained by some of the best coaches and hitting instructors in professional baseball while he was a player in the Minnesota Twins organization.

In the words of Coach TJ, “I can remember it like it was yesterday…my first batting practice with the Elizabethton Twins for the MN Twins in the Appalachian league.  You come into batting practice with something to prove as you are the new guy on the team.  After hitting numerous home runs and feeling great about the batting practice display I just put on I was walking back to the dugout when my manager said, “Good job!  We are going to have to change everything. See you in the cage tomorrow morning”!  Not at all what I was expecting!  After a very successful high school and college career I was starting over from scratch!  Back then Linear Hitting was what was being taught so we starting changing my swing and that is what I taught up until I came into contact with Sparky and the PT Training System.



HIGH SCHOOL (Monticello, MN)

-1989-1992 career batting average of .478

-1992 KMOM Radio Baseball Player of the Year

-1992 started in the 18th Annual MN Lions All-Star Baseball Tournament

-1992 Legion baseball season batted .614 with 10 home runs in 35 games

-Numerous other awards during high school athletic career.


COLLEGE (University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux)


-1993 was a starter as a freshman with a .369 batting average

-1993 played in the Division II College World Series (in 2 games went 4-7 with homerun, triple, double and single, 3 runs scored, 6 RBI’s, 2 walks, 1 hit by pitch)

-1994 batted .448 (led the team in batting average, hits, doubles and homeruns)

-1994 All NCC, 1st Team All Central Region

-1994 Division II statistical champion in Slugging Percentage, 12th in the nation in batting average, homeruns per at bat and RBI’s per at bat

-1995 batted .381 (led the team in batting average, hits, triples and homeruns)

-1995 All NCC

-Career batting average of .399

-Only played 3 seasons and in the top 10 in career batting average, doubles, triples, homeruns, RBI’s, total bases and hit by pitch

-2006 Inducted into the University of North Dakota Hall of Fame as a member of the 1993 College World Series team




-1995 drafted by the Minnesota Twins in the June baseball draft

-Career batting average of .306

-Played with the Fort Myers rookie club, Elizabethton Twins, Fort Wayne Wizards and the Fort Myers Miracle

-Protected on the AAA roster going into spring training in 1998

-1998 career cut short due to injury in spring training