Monday, December 11, 2017


The Verduzco Coaches: Bob, David, Smiley and

Coach Smiley has been coaching baseball and softball for over 40 years. Smiley has coached each sport from youth leagues through high school. He has also worked with college and minor league players. His baseball and softball camps have covered all aspects of the game, including pitching, hitting, defense and the mental part of the game. He is an assistant coach for a 12U travel softball team, Manager of a 12U Major Little League team, instructs winter clinics for Softball Rocks, KIC Baseball and Softball and gives private hitting lessons.

Growing up in California, Coach Smiley received his hitting instructions from Vince and Dominic DiMaggio, brothers of the great Joe DiMaggio. “In those early days, hitting was just hitting. Fortunately, it was rotational hitting”, said Smiley. He used these hitting skills over the years to help develop many outstanding young hitters and coaches. Coach Smiley and his three sons coach together. His middle son, David, was an outstanding Division 1 pitcher at Yale who was drafted by the Detroit Tigers and played in their Organization. Youngest son, Steven, also played Division 1 baseball at Notre dame. He was drafted by the Huston Astros in the second round. He was an excellent infielder and hitter in the Houston Astros Organization. He holds the Florida State League record of 10 RBIs in a single game. Oldest son, Bob, played baseball, basketball and football in high school and played QB at Yale and is now a professional math instructor and coach.

Over the years, Coach Smiley has taught both rotational and linear hitting. In the 1970’s, Charlie Lau taught linear hitting, which George Brett and Rod Carew immortalized. Slap hitters in softball are considered linear hitters. Linear hitting teaches the batter to use the small upper body arm muscles to hit the ball by moving the body forward in a linear direction. This method of hitting utilizes linear directional forces when striking the ball with the bat. Today, rotational hitting is used by over 95% of major league hitters. Rotational hitting utilizes both linear and rotational forces. It utilizes the big powerful lower body core muscles to turn the body around the front side axis of the lower and upper body. The lower body core muscles made up of the abs, thighs, quads and hips turn the bat around a strong front side axis. This creates powerful rotational forces where the large muscles pull the bat around the body developing tremendous force as the bat hits the ball. Many coaches claim these styles can be combined, but they can’t. The only similarity between the two styles is the stride to toe-touch. After that, you are either a rotational or linear hitter.

Over many years, Coach Smiley has broken down the various elements of the swing utilizing neuromuscular techniques. He’s a student of the game and is always curious about new techniques. In his quest for new information on rotational hitting, he learned about Coach Sparky Parker’s “Professional Hitting” system. After research of various teaching methods for rotational hitting, he decided that Coach Sparky’s methods were the best in teaching rotational hitting. Coach Smiley combines his understanding of and experience in biomechanics and neuromuscular memory in order to teach hitting in a way that’s easy for the student to learn and execute. Using Coach Sparky’s “scaffolding system” of drills and film enables the player to see and replicate rotational hitting.
Coach Smiley’s professional training is dedicated to the teaching and training of rotational hitting mechanics using Coach Sparky Parker’s Professional Hitting system. We believe that rotational hitting gives the player the best opportunity to be successful, as it utilizes a progressive, logical system of skill development.