Monday, December 11, 2017

Player Training

The ParkerTraining System

Highly Successful – Easy Concepts and Complete Training Sequence. 

Phase One 

The initial phase is designed to blast the muscle memory over the course of ten days. With over 2000 cuts, we will provide excellent one-on-one instruction that will put these young athletes into the exact position and use the identical mechanics the best players in the game are using. Not only teaching players “what” and “how” the swing is broken down, but “why” it benefits them. To often players do what they are taught with very little understanding as to why. When players are taught “why” it is important and what really is happing in the swing process, the learning curve greatly improves and so does there confidence and performance. 

*One-on-one instruction. 

*Learn to the significance of proper “weight transfer” and the role it plays in the swing process. 

*Proper use of hips and lower body. 

*The process of leveling and getting behind the ball. 

*Ideal Impact and the importance of the “Hitters Box” 

*The importance extension in the swing process and how to prevent wrist-roll. 

*Dynamic balance and what it really means. 

*Staying calm in the box and mastering the slow to fast sequence that all great hitters share. 

*The importnace of the front axis and being a front side hitter. 

*Plate coverage and how to hit to all fields with power. 

*Confidence at the plate and a strong mental approach. 



Blake Gibbs – Blake’s HR and Stats 

Blake has been ranked the #87 prospect on the Sports Illustrated national Top 100 HS baseball players list! 

Phase Two 

Phase two is designed to target the next phase’s of hitting; players will learn how to level from top down, and plate coverage – mastering the outside half of the plate. 

Players who have gone through our program and wish to continue the development process and to make sure that their core mechanics have not appreciably changed since we last saw them as well as continuing on with the good habits that have been established.  

INSTRUCTION DATES!!!  I only take a limited number of new students each year so act now, the dates fill up fast.  Act Now!

Hey Sparky, 

Matt had a good day at Safeco last Friday. He carried the offense, going 2 for 3 with 2 doubles and 3 rbi’s. Both of them looked like they would go out.  His first one bounced on the warning track in right field – the pictures are right after contact, you can see him tracking the ball to right field.  His second one hit high on the wall down the left field line – it was just short of going over. It was a great season and Matt’s swing is really coming for him now… 

You’re a great instructor and I can’t thank you enough. All the best, Phil 


Hey Sparky! 

I just wanted to give you an update on how I’m doing. Last week was our first week of league games for college, we played eight games. I had 2 homeruns, one triple, 3 doubles, 7 singles, 9 RBI’s, 3 BB’s, and 1 HBP. My batting average was .614 for the week and my slugging percentage is crazy. I started out kind of slow, but my batting average is up to .372 for the whole season, and still rising! 

Thanks so much for all of your help! I’ll keep you posted on the rest of the season! 

Hey Sparky! 

I just thought I would send you an update letter now that my college season is over. I ended up with nine homeruns, 2 triples, 10 doubles and 29 singles. My batting average was 0.435 and my on base percentage was 0.480 (these stats don’t include the playoff games). My team ended up taking second place in league and we went to the NWAACC championships. We didn’t do very well there, but I was 3 for 7 so I’m happy with that. I also ended up making first team too! I attached a link to a video of me hitting a homerun that I thought you might enjoy. I was going to attach it to the e-mail but the file was too large. Let me know if you see anything that I need to work on, or if you think I need to come up for a refresher. 


Coach Parker has a unique gift that combines excellent technical knowledge with a relation-based coaching style. He understands the games and the athletes who play it and knows how to teach both. Sparky is a coach of significance in his players lives.  

Bruce E. Brown – Proactive Coaching



Chamberlain earned All-West Region honors in addition to her second selection to the All-Northwest Conference First Team while continuing to be one of the nation’s top hitters.  She finished the season hitting .358 with school records of 12 home runs and 55 runs batted in.  She finished the season ranked third among NCAA Division III hitters with those 12 home runs, 13th with 1.38 RBIs per game and 19th with 0.30 home runs per game.  In the circle, Chamberlain finished with 10 wins and a 4.40 earned run average, striking out 87 and allowing a .268 opponent’s batting average in 27 appearances.

Chamberlain led the NWC in RBIs, finished third in home runs and fifth with a .691 slugging percentage.  She hit two grand slams on the season, against Oregon Tech on Feb. 21 and against Puget Sound on Apr. 10.

“Chelsey is a very valuable team member and she had another monster year,” said Pacific Head Coach Tim Hill.  “With her attitude and work ethic, I see Chelsey continuing to improve and progressing as a player.”

Garcia also earned First Team All-NWC honors after putting together an exceptional year in her first season as a regular starter for the Boxers.  Garcia finished second for the Boxers with and eight in the NWC with a .380 batting average with 38 hits, 10 home runs and 39 RBIs. She finished tied for 13th in Division III with 10 home runs, tied for 48th nationally with 0.26 home runs per game and 78th with one RBI per game.  She also finished fourth in the NWC and 74th nationally with a .770 slugging percentage.  Garcia finished the year with 13 multi-hit games, including a 3 for 3 effort against Linfield on Apr. 25, and hit a grand slam against Hastings on Mar. 13.

“Jessie had an amazing year,” Hill said.  “Her growth and development over the past two years will always serve as a reminder to future players the importance of perseverance and persistence in achieving success.”