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Finally a system that you can teach with confidence…

“Unbelievably Accurate and True to Form, The ParkerTraining System Delivers A Remarkable System That Takes Players Step-By-Step Through A Hitting System Based On The Greatest Hitter To Ever Play The Game. Simple Yet Logical Approach.”

Start Teaching Your Players The Very Best Hitting Mechanics In The Game…Even If You Have Never Played Or Coached A Single Day In Your Life, You Can Coach Like A Pro.

From the Desk of Sparky Parker – Founder,

In the 15 minutes it takes to read this letter, I will show you how it’s possible to start teaching and coaching the exact same swing mechanics that are used by the best baseball and softball players in the game.

I have to be honest, I don’t know your exact situation and circumstances:

Maybe you’re a high level professional coach and you have been in the industry a long time. You have seen it all and you consider yourself somewhat of an expert in the area if hitting. But, you realize that there is something unique happening in the world of baseball and softball that is different then what you have been teaching all these years.

Or maybe you are a college or High school coach looking to make a significant impression on those you are teaching. You have been using the same drills and same technique for years and still the outcome is the same. You are looking to be better, make better players and have a team of hitters that every team fears to play.

Or you may simply be in the early stages of your coaching and teaching career and you are looking for the best information out there. You know there is so much to learn and so many resources that it becomes confusing. You are confident in your ability and eager to learn, you just want to make sure you are doing the right thing.

Whatever your current situation is, there is a simple solution. There is a system that will make your efforts pay ten fold.

I realize that this might fall under the ” too good to be true” category, but I promise you it works, I am living proof.

My Name is Sparky Parker and I am a Professional Hitting Instructor

Odds are you have never heard of me, and that’s okay. I often say, “it’s not who we are that matters, but what we teach” and I believe that with all of my being.

You see, I am not an ex-professional player or a celebrity with name recognition and I really don’t like the media exposure. I don’t travel from city to city doing a dog and pony show so I can sell a room packed with people my over-priced and over-hyped system that will change the world, I just simply coach.

In 1993, My High School Girls Team Placed Third In State, My Boys Select Baseball Team Won The State Title At U-16, And My U-18 Big League Team Won The Little league World Series In FastPitch…Now That Was An Unbelievable Year!

But, Here Is The Catch…Never Once Did I Feel We Were Great Hitters, And We Weren’t…

You May think that because we were winning and I was producing championships caliber teams that we must have been crushing the ball all over the yard; definitely doing some thing right in the hitting depart

ment, right? Well, the simple truth is we had monsters on the mound,we were extremely fast up and down the line-up, and had unbelievable athletes on defense (University of Washington’s Current Head Coach, Heather Tarr), and we would scratch out just enough to win.

A close look at my teams:

Looking back, my teams have always been built on speed and pitching; give me strong pitchers and fast athletic players, and I will do the rest was my general attitude, and it worked very well, but…

And this was coming from a coach who was living and breathing the game inside and out, winning championships and creating strong competitive teams year after year. So,…

I Re-evaluate What I Was Doing And Started Asking Some Very Tough Questions.

I remember distinctively after the 1993 season had come to an end, evaluating what it was that I was teaching. I wasn’t comfortable with the results I was getting in regard to hitting and felt my teaching techniques needed an overhaul. One would think that just after winning a World Series Championship I would have been somewhat comfortable with what I was doing and confident in all aspects of the game, but the truth is …I wasn’t. The reason I won a world series championship was the fact that I had a total stud on the mound, who went a perfect 3-0 through Western regional’s, and then again 3-0 in the World Series. Put that together with an amazingly fast team (top to bottom) that was just as strong defensively as they were fast, and they were fast, along with a little luck and a ton of hard work and there you have it, a World Championship. But ironically enough, when it came to hitting we were mediocre at best, and that I simply couldn’t wrap my mind around. Why was it that I can train players in every other aspect of the game and feel 100% confident that they will perform at a high level, yet when it came to hitting we were just another typical team?

The PEMCO Years – Coach Ken Knutson, Ralph Weekly And Bruce Carlyle Stamp Their Hitting On The Northwest, Myself Included.

The next 4-5 years I spent devouring hitting material and attending literally 1000’s of hours of coaches clinics and seminars, most notably the PEMCO Coaches Clinic. Coaches like Ralph Weekly and Ken Knutson were local favorites and I soaked up everything they had to say. I Joined the a local facility, Grand Slam USA, and became an APBI certified coach through ATEC and coach Bruce Carlyle. Little did I know, trying to teach and implement these mechanics was like putting diesel into a sports car and wondering why the heck it is banging, chugging and clunking down the road.

Dang, the next thing I knew a decade had passed me by and I was exactly in same spot I was when I first started coaching back in 1988. This was depressing; what I was teaching wasn’t working.

There were elements in the swing process that I was teaching that simply didn’t make sense to me, and I was having a heck of a time truly believing what I was doing. So, I continued my journey.

The Science Of Hitting And Ted Williams

I turn to the very best player to ever play the game, Ted Williams. I remember sitting down and reading The Science Of Hitting by Ted Williams and reading his quote, “hitting a baseball is the single most difficult thing to do in sport” and I could only think to myself, “holy cow, if hitting a baseball is the single most difficult thing to do in sport, then trying to teach it has to be a close second.”

So, I dug in and began to decipher the differences in his book, and it didn’t take long to realize there were significant differences that would change and influence my hitting instruction forever. In particular, the following comments all retrieved from The Science of Hitting:

The way you bring your hip into the swing is directly proportionate to the power you generate; The hip movement is a spinning action, with the head as the axis and it must not be restricted; Fight against lunging, everybody lunges a little – you have to in order to keep your weight balanced as you stride.

-Up, up is the way, you hit consistently with authority. For those purposes I advocate a slight upswing and starting more vertical with the bat (pointing straight up in the air) increased the loop in my swing, I could get the ball in the air better.

-Ideal Impact Zone, when the bat and ball meet at 90 degree angle; The baseball swing is a hard push-swing and you get your power not so much from the wrists or the arms and shoulders, but from the rotation of the hips into the ball. Wrist roll after the ball has left the bat.

-So many hitters used to say, “no wrist roll, no power.” They were wrong. – Ted Williams

I was elated!

A few years later

A couple of years had passed and I was definitely experiencing far greater success than any other time in my coaching history when I ran across one of Ted Williams very own players from his managing days that was cited in his book several times, and get this, he created a teaching system and labeled it rotational hitting. He had a fabulous endorsement from Ted Williams and a series of drills in DVD format, I ordered it right on the spot. I began to implement The Mike Epstein System and toiled with the drills for about a year before I decided to go and work with him personally. After my trip to Colorado, I continued to work with the system for some time, until it dawned on me one day. I was doing exactly the same thing I did over the past decade, parroting a system I didn’t fully agree with, and I had enough.

I went back to The Science of Hitting and began to study every video clip I could get my hands on until I identified five key principles that were emerging in every hitter I watched. I matched up the five key principles directly with what I learned in The Science of Hitting and crafted a series of drills and implemented a scaffolding approach to teaching that would drastically change what I was doing, forever.

More Than Just Another Training System

The ParkerTraining System Weight Transfer – Hips Leading The Way – Leveling – Ideal Impact – Extension

The ParkerTraining System is designed on a layering system that allows players to progress through the mechanics in a simple, yet logical manner. Key hitting concepts are embedded throughout the system and players become active participants as they begin to understand and experience the core foundation of great hitting mechanics. The System was designed based on Ted William’s Science Of Hitting along with 1000’s & 1000’s of hours researching swing mechanics of the very best players in the world, both men and women. Put them together and there you have it, The ParkerTraining System.

Step One – Weight Transfer

The swing begins with a load (cocking of the hips) turning them inward along with a stride forward, towards the pitcher. It is the stride forward that is significant. (You can’t keep your head perfectly still as the golfer is told to do because your lead foot is moving and the head and body come with it to maintain balance) – Ted Williams

In the initial movement prior to the launch of the swing, there is a subtle, but distinct, forward movement. You see this with all great hitters & Ted Williams said it himself; I refer to this as weight shift/transfer, the forward movement prior to the launch of the swing. It is a calm and subtle movement forward that sets the foundation for the entire ; If players don’t have proper weight shift they will restrict their hips and become separated from their power source.

Forward movement happens prior to launch and sets up the launch of the hips. Players with a short stride will have much less forward movement, but nevertheless movement is present.

Step Two – Hips Lead The Way

The way you bring your hip into the swing is directly proportionate to the power you generate; The hip movement is a spinning action, with the head as the axis and it must not be restricted; Fight against lunging, everybody lunges a little – you have to in order to keep your weight balanced as you stride – Ted Williams

The swing begins with a load (cocking of the hips) turning them inward along with a stride forward towards the pitcher. It is the stride forward that is significant. (You can’t keep your head perfectly still as the golfer is told to do because your lead foot is moving and the head and body come with it to maintain balance – Ted Williams.

Ted Williams continued: As the hips come around, the hands follow, just as in golf, and the bat follows the hands, and as they get into the hitting area the speed is increasing. One naturally follows the other. You can’t get the proper action without the hips clearing the way.

The hips set the swing in motion and lead the way. If they are restricted, if you don’t open them wide enough, the wrists will roll prematurely. They won’t stay in that good strong position long enough to make the proper contact. If contact is made as the wrists roll, chances are the bat will be on top of the ball and a weak ground ball will result.

Step Three – Leveling

The ideal swing is not level, and it is not down – Ted Williams

Ted Williams believed the slight upswing was the best opportunity for him to be successful at the plate. He also points out that the upswing is harder for one reason: It’s a longer stroke with a longer loop to it. It requires more time. When I say “get on top of the ball,” I don’t mean swing down or chop, but to get your sights higher and level out your swing more. Nine times out of ten when you fail to make contact with a pitch you have swung under it.

Swing level (or what is commonly called “down”), and the tendency is to bring your top hand over the ball at impact. The effect is a tack-hammer stroke, almost a “roll”- and it is not what you want. You will find that even without good hip action you can swing in that manner, and the result is a minimum of power. I advocate a slight upswing (from level to about 10 degrees) (62).

Step Four – Ideal Impact

Ideal Impact as defined by Ted Williams is when the bat and ball meet at a 90 degree angle and your wrists are square / unbroken at contact. He also states that fifteen degrees either side of 90 degrees from the direction of the pitch is a reasonable tolerance area (55).

Most young hitters and 50% of the big league players I’ve talked to have never considered-that the impact of the bat on ball is reached not with the wrists rolling, or a “wrist” swing, but with the wrists square and unbroken, as they would be at impact when an ax is swung on a tree. The power is always applied before the wrists roll. Even when you are pulling? Yes, because the hips bring the bat around, not the wrists (58).

One point must be re-emphasized, however: the hips set the swing in motion and lead the way. If they are restricted, if you don’t open them wide enough, the wrists will roll prematurely. They won’t stay in that good strong position long enough to make proper contact. If contact is made as the wrists roll, chances are the bat will be on top of the ball and a weak ground ball will result.

Step Five – Extension

Great hitters have a knack for getting their barrel into the path of the pitch and keep it there for as long as possible; they are short to it and long through it. commonly referred to as the power “v”, extension ( the long part of the swing) is incredibly important and allows players greater opportunity to make contact and put the ball in play.

A Training System That Teaches Your Players Great Swing Mechanics Through A Unique Layering System Called Scaffolding.

Players Learn The Conceptual Meaning Behind Each Step Which Provides A Far Greater Understanding Of Not Only “How” The Movement Is Executed, But More Importantly, “Why.”

You see, the reason the system was created was due to the fact that there was something drastically changing in the world of baseball & softball. A philosophical shift is occurring and the old-school way of hitting is being scrutinized by coaches and players all across the country. Why? well it is simple. Watch any video clip of a major league player and you will see a swing that is drastically different from how most coaches are teaching. And, because we have the ability to look closer than ever before at swing mechanics, research, share vital information, and are willing to ask tough questions, we are seeing a change. And yes, it is for the better.

How Do I Know?

I Have Experienced First Hand And Have Successfully Repeated The Process Over, And Over, And Over Again.

Not Only That…

Through My Training, I Have Been Able To Successfully Help Teach Coaches All Across The Country Just Like You To Duplicate My Entire Training System And Produce Great Hitters! What Coaches Are Saying:


I have a son 16 years old and had been out of baseball for 4 months due to foot surgery..he recently was cleared to play again a few weeks ago. (getting back into practicing again) we committed and started with your parker hitting mechanics and let me tell you..his results at practice are INCREDIBLE!!Such a smooth, clean, effortless swing yet crushing the ball to the fence and tapping into unknown power within the swing itself..

It is unreal..we been working for 7-8 years with hitting lessons and never had results like this..Thank you Sparky Parker for selling a Truly Real System that works…thanks again!





Coach, I have to tell you, I took my 15-year-old daughter to the batting cages yesterday (fast cage) and the difference after reviewing just a few of your points were Immediate. The

smiles on our faces as we left must have lit up the entire east coast. My 17-year-old son can’t wait to go.

I coach girls’ 16U softball in a competitive league here in Westchester County, NY and I will rave about this book to everyone who will listen. It really makes teaching the rotational swing easy, and the drills demonstrating what they should or should not be feeling in the swing are great.

Thanks a bunch Coach and good luck to you.

“So Why Would I Share My Training System With The Public?”

For the longest time, I just simply went about my business training my teams and players. It’s not that I don’t want to share my secrets and what I had discovered, it was just that I never really saw any point in doing so. I am a coach, not a marketer and I was really content on just coaching my players and my own teams, rather than TEACHING.

One day, everything changed… while I was working with a couple of my high school players, one of the dads asked if I would be interested in talking with the coaching staff of his sons’ summer team. Apparently, the coaches had noticed a significant difference in what their players ( the ones I was working with) were doing. And, instead of messing around with them and changing what they were doing, the coaches decided to inquire. One thing lead to another, and the next thing I knew I was teaching my system to a coaching staff. This was definitely one of those classic Ah! Haw! moments.

Another factor that was negatively impacting the players I was training was the fact that they would go back to their high school or summer ball team ( mostly summer ball coaches) and their coach/es would end up brow-bashing them back into following what they wanted in swing mechanics. Typically, squish the bug, swing down, hit grounders, throw your hands etc…which was completely opposite as to what I was teaching them. Well, this was quite problematic as you could imagine and put the player and parents in a very awkward and uncomfortable position.

For years coaches all across the country have bought into a specific philosophical belief about teaching hitting mechanics that is contrary to what Ted Williams wrote and a vast majority of what we see happening with the best players in the world, and coaches simply accept it as the gospel. Well, not me…well… at least not me, anymore.

It Doesn’t Make Sense!

To put it kindly, the majority of what is being taught doesn’t make sense and I wanted to share what I had discovered.

That’s when I decided to publish The ParkerTraining System.

My goal was simple,

– I wanted to offer an alternative to what was being sold and published out in the market.

-I wanted to offer something that truly worked and mimicked the mechanics that were being used by the very best players in the game. Something that was proven and something that could be duplicated over and over again.

-I wanted to give coaches an opportunity to challenge the norm when it comes to hitting mechanics and sink their teeth into a training system and philosophy that is based on the very best player to ever play the game.

-I wanted to provide a support program that was internet based (my website), so I could provide as much support to players, parents and coaches at a fair and reasonable cost.

And so that’s just what I did…

I Packaged All Of My Best Training Material Into One Package, So You Can Start Training With Confidence TODAY!

These programs are not just theories or “good Ideas” that I think should work. These are time-tested and proven mechanics that work! A complete training system like no other:

*The ParkerTraining System Manual & Videos

*A Training Blog


*Online Seminars and Special Instructional Video Cast

*A Thinking Hitter Manual

*The College Connection Handbook

*Membership to Making the Connection Coaches Center

The Secret To Training Your Players…Don’t Ignore The Advice From The Greatest Hitter In Baseball & Mimic The Very Best Players In The World!

Make Weak Hitter Good; Good Hitters Great; And Great Hitters, All-American!


We are proud to introduce our brand new online video series that breaks down each critical step of the ParkerTraining System. See exactly how coach Parker breaks down the teaching process in an easy to follow, easy to implement training system that is a carbon copy of the best swing mechanics in the game.

Teach your players the best swing mechanics in the game.

Blake Gibbs 2008, Blake was ranked the #87 prospect on the Sports

Illustrated national Top 100 HS baseball players list!

A new face that impressed in practice last week is freshman outfielder Blake Gibbs. The Bellevue, Wash., native smoked a ball over the wall in left field in a scrimmage while playing defense with the supposed number ones in the outfield. “Blake Gibbs has played well for us,” Casey said. -C. Grogan, sports editor

Sparky, Thank you very much. I just showed your comments to Blake. It’s funny, you have him trained so well, he said he knew exactly what he needed to work on as soon as he saw the picture before you said anything. He went 1-4 with a RBI today. He is not happy about it, but at least he didn’t get skunked in his college debut.

Thanks again, Jim

#1-ParkerTraining System video is a series of online-videos that walk you through the entire training process in a simple step-by-step process of great swing mechanics. You simply have to see it to believe it, and once you do, you will be asking yourself why you haven’t been doing this all along. Truly a great training system that gives your players the exact tools and knowledge to maximize their natural ability, and a hitting philosophy that will change you forever.




#2 – The ParkerTraining System Manual a step-by-step instructional break down of how to teach great rotational hitting mechanics. Learn how to teach great hitting mechanics. The PTS is a complete training process jammed pack with illustrations and specific training instructions every step of the way. Easy to understand, easy to implement and proven over and over again. Ideal for every player, at every level. The ParkerTraining System uses a simplistic scaffolding approach that is specifically designed to mimic the exact movements of the best hitters to ever play the game. Targeted drills are designed to teach players through a process of conceptualized training where players learn by simulation and learn by feel. Put players in the exact same positions and teach them the mechanics that are being utilized by the best players in the game.

#3 A Thinking Hitter – Teaching Your Players To Think – A Player can have the greatest physical attributes in the game, but without a solid mental approach to match it – realizing ones true potential will be impossible to do.

Without question the most under-coached and mis-understood component of the game. Ted Williams said hitting was 50% mental, yet we as coaches spend less than 2% of our time teaching it! You can NOT even begin to talk about plate coverage and the outside half of the plate without a significant mental approach to hitting. Sitting on a fast ball and adjusting to off-speed, or looking away and adjusting in, are just a couple of examples of what is completely wrong about how players are being taught.

When it comes to hitting, the mental approach has a huge impact on a players success and the mental approach and preparation of the game is too often ignored, too often

misunderstood, and way too often untaught. A Thinking Hitter uncovers the essence of how great hitters think and even more important, how you teach your players to think. From little league on up, this is an ideal tool for every coach. A Thinking Hitter is the perfect follow-up to The ParkerTraining System and will provide you with an insight that is too valuable to ignore. Take your coaching to another level and give players a fighting chance to be great hitters.

-Where it Starts -Getting the Right Pitch-Plate Coverage-Different Types of Pitchers-Playing the Percentages-pitch count probability -Tracking Pitches-A Tracking system-Sparky’s Fence Theory-A

#3 – The College Connection – A Scholarship Handbook.

Do you realize that every year NCAA colleges spend more than 4 billion dollars on athletic programs and 1/4 of that goes towards scholarships?

The process is simple and the step-by step handbook walks you through everything you ever needed to know and the exact steps necessary for your players, son or daughter to take in order to maximize their college scholarship exposure. 125 pages breaks down the process and puts you in control of the situation. The process of finding and contacting college coaches and dealing with the rules and regulations enforced by the NCAA / NAIA is a daunting task for both student-athletes and parents. The College Connection Scholarship Handbook is a vital tool for all athletes who are serious about competing in their sport at the collegiate level and looking for a scholarship to play. Every coach in the country should be familiar with the process and The College Connection is the perfect tool.

  1. Specifically target proper schools.
  2. The ideal way contact coaches.
  3. Write a cover letter (three templates).
  4. Build a questionnaire (template included).
  5. Create a player profile (template included).
  6. NCAA/NAIA Rules, Regulations & Eligibility requirements.
  7. Creating videos and how to use them.
  8. Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse.
  9. SAT’s/ACT’s.
  10. Profile Updates (template included).
  11. Facts and Fables about scholarships and the process.
  12. The importance of grades.
  13. Include necessary stats (template included).
  14. FAFSA.
  15. Showcases and Camps.
  16. Document your communication (template included).
  17. Evaluate offers and final decision (template included).
  18. Reply to your coaches.
  19. Find over 2000 additional scholarship opportunities available to students.

This manual could easily save your players $1000’s and $1000’s of dollars. Be proactive and take the process of recruiting head on!

Coach, I can’t thank you enough. The process was easy to follow and the time-line and templates were a life saver. Thank you, thank you, thank you. BTW, my daughter just received an award for $7500, I can’t believe it!

– Beth

#4 – Making The Connection Coaches Center – MTCCC

A coaching resource program that is designed specifically for coaches interested in breaking the mold and produce truly great hitters.

Making the Connection is a uniquely designed program that targets the critical elements in the swing process. Learn what great hitters are doing and how you can easily and naturally maximize your ability to teach your players great hitting mechanics. A cutting edge information delivery system that allows concepts and techniques to be easily taught, learned and deciphered. A program that challenges the norm of an old school mentality and ineffective training methods with a simple, logical approach to hitting and our top-secret to hitting success.

Ted Williams once said that hitting a baseball was the single most difficult thing an athlete could ever do in any sport. Coming from the single greatest hitter to ever play the game, that statement has major credibility and merit. And, if hitting is the most difficult thing one could ever do in a sport, then coaching it would have to be a close second. Making the Connection will provide you a portal into the hitting world and give you an insight that few truly recognize.

* Online Training Videos: members will have access to The ParkerTraining Video series phase one, two & three. There is an art to training players to be great hitters and the video series will provide you with clear and simple instructions through the entire system.

*Video – Clips: A unique and ongoing collection of video clips of the best players in the game including clips of: Pujols, Soriano, Soto, Williams, Mantle, Bagwell, Rose,Bustos, Benji, Brett, Big Papi, Manny Ted Williams last AB, Roger Maris’ 61st, Reggie’s 3rd, just to name a few. This collection will constantly grow, and my collection will become yours. See for yourself what is really taking place in the swing process by the best in the world. 55 videos are currently posted and grows every week..

*Spark – Casts: Coach Parker presents mini-training sessions in video format that target specific areas in the swing process that you will only find here and is created specifically for MTCCC members.

*Video – Analysis: A voice-over video break down on the best players in the game. See exactly what is happening in the swing process.

*Special Player Case Studies Videos: Coach Parker examines the swings of youth players and breaks down exactly what he sees and what he would do to fix it. Voice-over analysis makes this the perfect learning tool.

*Vault: Access to the ParkerTraining video and jpg vault. My collection continues to grow, and so will yours.

*Newsletters: An ongoing collection of published newsletters that address the challenging aspects of coaching and the fundamental pieces that define great hitting mechanics. Monthly newsletters that cover everything you can imagine when it comes to hitting.

*Weekly Blog Posts: The ParkerTraining Hitting Blog is loaded with valuable information and takes an in-depth look at the world of hitting. Interviews and special commentary designed to challenge the norm.

*Discounts and Savings: ParkerTraining is a licensed dealer and will pass on discounts on every training tool that we carry.

*Special Links: Gain access to additional articles, publications, and websites from the best coaches in the country.

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**Plus, All members will have direct access to Coach Parker via email, Skype or cell phone for any training support needed.

The ParkerTraining System Comes With Everything You Need To Start Training Your Players’, Sons’ or Daughters’ Today…


Coach Parker has a unique gift that combines excellent technical knowledge with a relation-based coaching style.  He understands the games and the athletes who play it and knows how to teach both.  Sparky is a coach of significance in his players lives.

Bruce E. Brown

Proactive Coaching

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The ParkerTraining System Comes With Everything You Need To Start Training Your Players’, Sons’ or Daughters’ Today…


MTCCC brings together everything here at ParkerTraining and has created the ultimate training package for coaches, players, and parents. A proven system that was designed specifically to teach the art of great hitting based off the greatest player to have ever played the game. A collection of material that continuously grows. Make no mistake about it, what we do as coaches matters, so make the most of it.

  • The ParkerTraining Systems Manual
  • The ParkerTraining Online Video Series
  • A Thinking Hitter – Teaching Your Players To Think
  • The College Connection – A Scholarship Handbook


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This will allow you an opportunity to build great hitters one step at a time. Built on a conceptual model and taken from the greatest hitter to play the game. Whether you are a coach, player, or parent this is a perfect training system that has been proven time and time again.





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