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Fastptich, The Players That Get It!

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When it comes to hitting, the great hitters all look the same.    Ever ask yourself why?  Well, hitting a baseball and hitting a softball are one in the same; those that say different, simply don’t get it.  Slow a video clip down and you will see; look closely at a picture and you will see; […]

Life as a minor league player (Gold)

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This is a really good article on life in the minor leagues.  It’s long, though.  Here’s an excerpt: If there’s any financial motivation at all, it’s to reach the big leagues. Nobody gets rich at the minor league level, even most minor league free agents. So, in real world terms, just how little do players who […]

What scouts are looking for in a player (Gold)

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Tools are a basic building block of our coverage at Baseball America. We begin assessing players’ tools from the time they become prominent high school players, and we continue to do it through college and the minor leagues all the way to the majors. It culminates with the Best Tools feature that we unveiled last […]

SparkCast Video (Free)

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Spark Cast Videos are short video sessions that are designed to specifically target critical elements in the swing process and are  free to all PT Gold Members.