Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Nemo’s Speed Bat

Increasing a players bat speed by 2 mph will add 20 feet in distance, and I can help get you there!  

Coach Nemo is a leading authority on bat speed training and has been working with some of the top programs in the country.  A recipient of product of the year and endless testimonials, Coach Nemo has provided coaches and players a wonderful opportunity to improve an area that can add distance and power to just about anyones swing.   

“Your product is one of the few products that can truly be used for baseball and softball. It really does work!!!”  

Dr. Noebe & Dr. McDowell State  


“Nemo is an excellent teacher and innovator. He thoroughly understands the entire hitting process and has developed outstanding hitting aides that will make you a much better hitter. We use his products daily on our hitting circuits at the University of Tennessee.”  

Ralph Weekly  

Increase Bat Speed DVD, Circuit Training DVD Plus Nemo Speed Bat & Mini  


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$170 plus s/h  




 Nemo Speed Bat & Mini Speed Bat  


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$70.00 plus s/h  




Nemo Bats Sold Separately  


1 Nemo Bat – $45.00 plus s/h  


1 Mini Nemo Bat – $25 plus s/h