Monday, March 27, 2017

Impact Bat

ParkerTraining is proud to introduce the ImpactBat into our training system. The ImpactBat’s unique design gives players instant feedback on proper hand position at contact, proper hitters box position, and what it feels like to be square at contact. The ImpactBat reinforces great hitting mechanics and is a fabulous training tool that can be easly implemented into your daily training session.

Wrist rolling is a major hitting flaw that coaches are constantly trying to correct. With the ImpactBat, that training just became easier. With the square handled grip and the flat barrel impact zone, coaches can begin to train their players solid fundametal hitting mechanics by simply putting the bat in their hand. The results are terrific and the instant feedback to the player and coach makes the ImpactBat an ideal trainig tool.

The ImpactBat comes in three different sizes and could be the easiest way to clean-up a players swing path on the market today. Worth every dime!


Impact Bat $55 (shipping Included)


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