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PT Manual

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The ParkerTraining System Manual is a step-by-step instructional break down of how to teach great rotational hitting mechanics. Learn how to teach great hitting mechanics. The PTS is a complete training process jammed pack with illustrations and specific training instructions every step of the way. Easy to understand, easy to implement and proven over and over again. Ideal for every player, at every level. The ParkerTraining System uses a simplistic scaffolding approach that is specifically designed to mimic the exact movements of the best hitters to ever play the game. Targeted drills are designed to teach players through a process of conceptualized training where players learn by simulation and learn by feel. Put players in the exact same positions and teach them the mechanics that are being utilized by the best players in the game.

The ParkerTraining System is a proven hitting system guaranteed to change your thinking about hitting forever. Learn and teach the core fundamental principles that defines great hitting mechanics; weight transfer, hips leading the hands, leveling and ideal impact, plus several of Coach Parker’s signature training drills that create the best swings in the game. Whether you are coaching softball or baseball, little league or college, the mechanics are exactly the same. Simply put, this is the best thing you could ever do for your players, sons or daughters!

Teach your players the best mechanics in the game!

A new face that impressed in practice last week is freshman outfielder Blake Gibbs. The Bellevue, Wash., native smoked a ball over the wall in left field in a scrimmage while playing defense with the supposed number ones in the outfield. “Blake Gibbs has played well for us,” Casey said.

-C. Grogan, sports editor

The ParkerTraining System – How To Teach It!

A perfect training system for every coach or parent looking to take their hitting instruction from theory to practice. Learn what took me years to master in a matter of hours, days or weeks.

The ParkerTraining System covers the critical sequence of instruction that allows your players to “feel” what they are doing in the swing process. The manual includes descriptive illustrations of each technique and the training drill necessary for the muscle memory process to be absorbed. Master of the best hitting mechanics in the game. The step-by-step teaching strategies that have been proven by both fast pitch and baseball players alike, from ages 8 on up, puts the teaching tools in your hands and the future in your players!

Consistency & Power = OBP & Slugging; the two best stats in the game!

Learn the hitting technique that is being used by the best players in the game and take your players hitting potential to the top of their game. “Most players don’t even scratch the surface when it comes to maximizing their natural ability and that my friend is a shame.” “I have broken down the entire training process and have compiled it for you in a training manual that is easy to teach and even easier to understand.

Weight Transfer

Is your stride smooth and under control or do you feel like it is rushed?  Are you opening your toe to the pitcher? 45 degree angle or are you closed? Do you drive your stride or is it passive? Do you realize your stride is the essence of your timing? Can you feel the weight transfer back to front?  Heel Plant – Showtime. What is happening at heel plant? Are you on one axis or two? Are you creating a strong front side, do you know what that means?  Does your weight stop moving forward or is it drifting?  Tilted axis, does your upper body match your lower body?

Hips Lead & Spin Force

Are your hips turning around one or two axis points?  Are they pulling the upper body as a linked motion?  Are you teaching players to “sit” or “squish” the bug? Are the hips creating bat speed?


Are your arms (box) connected to your core in one piece?  Are you leveling to the ball? Is your front elbow working up and around your body?  Is your barrel dropping below your hands?  Is your back shoulder dipping slightly? Are you behind the ball, working up through it? Is your back elbow at your ribcage or is it leaking away from your body?  Do you know what it means when you are separating? What does it mean to be connected?

Ideal Impact

What does that mean and why is it important for you to understand as a hitter? What impact does it have on you as a hitter?  Do you know the difference between the short and long part of your swing?  Are you turning through Ideal Impact?  Are your wrists square at contact?


What does extension mean? Where does it occur? Is your swing short to long? What is the significance to the power “v”? What does it mean when you are lagging your bat? What does it look like?

Coach Parker has been coaching for 23 years. A professional hitting instructor, a professional educator, a coach, a mentor and a World Series Championship to his name, Coach Parker brings you the best rotational hitting training manual on the internet.


I wanted to say thanks and congratulations on your web site and for the advice you are offering. I bought “How I Teach It” and the picture vault a year ago. I also bought the whiffle ball pitching machine and we already had a Swing Away. At the time I had a 9 year old and a 12 year old who were doing nothing at the plate. I had them playing Little League Majors and AAU travel with a team called the Connecticut Storm. They were getting a HEAVY dose of “hit down on the ball” from the CT Storm coaches. After watching my 12 year old doing nothing much at the plate and my 9 year old, who has an absolute passion for the game, strike out 3 times in a row and come home completely discouraged, I decided something had to change. I noticed watching him from the first base side that with his downward swing there was only a moment when he could hit the ball. That night I got on the web and luckily found your site!

We worked hard to learn what is in “How I Teach It” over the next few days and in our next game, Davey, my 9 year old had his nicest hit ever – a line drive double. Charlie had a double and an inside the park home run! We kept working at it and…Davey went on to finish the season with the highest average of any 9 year old, batting 312. Charlie batted 565 for the season and during the Championship game, a real pitchers duel, he was the only kid on either team who was able to hit. He had a triple early in the game but we failed to get him home. Late in the game he managed a single and on the next pitch stole 2nd, on the next pitch stole 3rd and on the next pitch and throw back to the pitcher, stole home (he’s very fast)! We won the Championship 1-0!

Anyway, as you can tell, I’m very grateful to you and enthusiastic about what you offer.

Thanks again!

Rob P. – Durham, CT

“The very best coaches are great students; humble enough to recognize that there is always something to learn, and confident enough to learn it.”

– Sparky Parker

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