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Perry “Bone” Hill

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Boston Globe names Perry Hill as #1 infield coach in the MLB (2014)


If you were ever in need of improving your fielding mechanics and establishing a defensive system into your program, then do I have a gift for you.  Perry “Bone” Hill, arguably the best infield coach in the MLB, has assembled his work for coaches and parents all across the country.  Truly a gifted coach and he is giving you his secrets to Gold Glove success.



Jack McKeon


“Perry Hill is a very special guy that has made such a significant impact on so many players’ lives; they all just rave about him.  Bone is very dedicated to his job and does it extremely well.  A great communicator, very positive, and has a great deal of energy.  Perry had a plan for every situation we were ever in, and he is extremely well prepared.  When we were in Florida together, I gave him full authority to run the show.  That should tell you all you need to know; He is the Best in the Business!”



Derrek Lee – Gold Glove 


“Perry Hill’s probably the best coach I’ve ever had,” Lee said. “What he preaches defensively, what he brings as an infield coach, I’d say he’s worth about 10 to 15 wins a year as a coach. That’s saying a lot for a coach. … We’ll take him”.



Mike Lowell – Gold Glove


“Perry knows his stuff.”

Orlando Cabrera – Gold Glove


“I’ve worked with Perry Hill for several years and I’ve become the National League Gold Glove Shortstop. If you work on Perry Hill’s fundamentals, you can become a better shortstop and infielder.”

“He is one of the best infield coaches of all time”.

Ozzie Guillen


“I’ve played for 16 years in the big leagues. Perry Hill has one of the best techniques for coaching infielders. His ideas are outstanding. My kids went from 2nd base to Shortstop because of Perry Hill’s video.”

Bill Mazeroski


Eight-time Gold Glove winner, Hall of Famer and second baseman with the all-time record for turning double plays in a season. Offered a usually reserved Bill Mazeroski after a couple of weeks here watching Hill work with the Pirates: “That guy runs a hell of a camp.”

 Texas B7 System –


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