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Pacific University – We’re Believers

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As Pacific Softball enters its 4th year with Sparky Parker as our hitting instructor, we continue to  see outstanding results in our power game.

In the 3 years prior to Sparky’s arrival, we averaged 16 home runs and 54 extra base hits per season. Over the last 3 three years, those averages have jumped to 40 home runs and 105 extra base hits per season. The concepts that Sparky teaches are sound, easy to grasp, and give every player an opportunity to reach their full potential as hitters. We’re believers!


Tim Hill
Head Coach – Pacific University Softball


It is amazing what happens when coaches and players truly believe what they are doing and understand the importance of great hitting mechanics.  The transformation in the Pacific University softball players has been remarkable and the tone and expectations has gone from making contact to a simple phrase that is echoed through the club house, “drop bombs or go home.”  We love to hit!

Thank you coach for having the courage to listen and the confidence to turn the hitting program over to me.  Keep up item great work and Go Boxers!



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