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My Son Matt

June 3, 2010 by  
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My son Matt has been with the same hitting instructor since he was 13 (he starts college this fall). From day one, Matt has never hit down on a baseball. His swing is designed to meet the ball square in the contact zone. As a result, he drives the ball more than he flies it or grounds it.

Over the years he has had several “coaches” who have tried to get him to hit down on the ball to create backspin. It’s never worked (read Ted Williams’ book, The Science of Hitting and you will understanding why the linear approach is is doomed to create failure (when the player occasionally does hit the sweet spot on ball and bat, it does soar becasue of backspin, however, the reduced sweet spot also decreases the likelihood of solid contact by some 34%…a very significant loss of opportunity.

So, at the end of the day, as a dad who played and has watched his son progress, I urge all parents to find your player a coach who really understands the physics of hitting and run from coaches who insist your player hit down on the ball.

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