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LLWS Update

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Sparky, We made it to the Little League Junior U.S. Finals as the #1 seed with our El Monte American West Regional Champs and lost to Texas 8 to 2. We actually beat them in our 3rd game 5 to 2 going up against their number 2 pitcher. We had three dongs over 300 ft in that game. We faced their ace who was Pat Mahomes boy who only allowed 2 runs on 4 hits (no HRs). He was throwing his fastball 85 to 89 MPH and had a pretty good breaking ball that he was throwing for strikes early in the count. I tried to get our guys to take that thing to right as well as his fastball low and away. He consistantly kept us off balance and was very poised. I told our boys that the were Champs even with hat loss, that Sometimes great pitching will beat great hitting, and “that’s baseball”. They understood. I told Pat after the game that his boy may end up being better than him. He said, “we’ll see”. I asked him about his grades and he said he’s making A’s & B’s. He said that we were a very good hitting team and I mentioned that we focus on rotational mechanics as taught by Sparky Parker at He said he would check you out. We had a total of 27 HR’s I counted during the entire All Star tournament. I’m waiting for our Diatrict Administator to give me the stats. I’ll let you know how many extra base hits we had total. That would give testimony to this method of hitting that it’s the key to winning. It’s clear that this is the way MLB’ers hit baseballs as well as USA Softballers. I have much more to learn because these hitters I work with teach me as much as I teach them. If it wasn’t for the connection I made with you I don’t think I would be as successful as I have been. My success shows by the success of my students. Your video analysis has saved me much time and has made my naked eye pretty good. It’s simple as long as we stick with basic mechanics and consistant vision. Thank you Sparky for doing all the work. All I have to do is get others to know it.

Bob Ferrari

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