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Kate and Taylor

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I am so proud to say that Kate and Taylor are setting the ACCC ablaze, and they are just getting started. Kate and Taylor have been working with the ParkerTraining System since they were 14 and are making a mark. If there is any doubt out there about the fundamental approach to hitting these two share, I would love someone to adequately articulate it to me. Problem is they can’t! Even though, some have tried to change what they are doing at the plate, Kate and Taylor have held strong in their convictions and the results have been remarkable. You see, when you truly teach the art of hitting you are empowering your players to become great hitters. Kate and Taylor get it, they understand what is happening in the swing process and have embraced the philosophy of great hitting; both physical and mental. Teach players great swing mechanics along with an unwavering mental approach and this is what you will get.

2013  All-Cascade Collegiate Conference Taylor Copher (fr) and Kate Santos (so)
2013  Cascade Collegiate Conference Newcomer of the Year – Taylor Copher
2012  All-Cascade Collegiate Conference – Kate Santos
2012 Cascade Collegiate Conference Co-Newcomer of the Year – Kate Santos

Batting Average
1. COPHER, Taylor .389
4. SANTOS, Kate .333
1. SANTOS, Kate .661
3. COPHER, Taylor .616
2. COPHER, Taylor .448
5. SANTOS, Kate .405
Runs Scored
1. COPHER, Taylor 44
2. SANTOS, Kate 42
1. COPHER, Taylor 74
4. SANTOS, Kate 58

1. SANTOS, Kate 43
3. COPHER, Taylor 36

1. COPHER, Taylor 19
5. SANTOS, Kate 5

4. SANTOS, Kate 1

Home Runs
1. SANTOS, Kate 17
5. COPHER, Taylor 8

Total Bases
1. COPHER, Taylor 117
2. SANTOS, Kate 115

4. SANTOS, Kate 1

2. SANTOS, Kate 20
4. COPHER, Taylor 19

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