Monday, December 11, 2017

Youth Coaches

Youth coaches play an instrumental role when it comes to teaching young players proper hitting mechanics. When done correctly, it can make the playing experience for their players something they will treasure for a lifetime. Done incorrectly, and it will compound an already difficult task ten-fold.

ParkerTraining makes teaching and learning how to hit a simple process, and our system is designed to maximize the ability of every player that swings the bat. As early as six years-old players can begin learning quality swing mechanics that will positivey affect their performance, give players a strong foundation to build upon, and prepare them for the years ahead.


Keep the back elbow down, their front elbow up slightly, flatten out the bat, and have them swing up towards the pitchers head through the ball. If all you do are these simple little adjustments, it will make a positive impact on them as a hitter and make teh game more enjoyable to play. Just like any other aspect of teaching and coaching, establishing a solid foundation is the core to development; and when we are working with the little guys that is exactly what we all should be doing, developing sound mechanics that they can build upon year-after-year.


Little guys are like sponges; provide them with the proper technique, strong fundamentals, and it will make a significant difference.