Monday, December 11, 2017

Select Coaches

Year after year, there has been an increasing number of select programs popping up and the demand for quality coaching and hitting instruction has never been so great. Select coaches are a special breed that have a passion to train players beyond the scope of simply having fun. Most programs are designed to prepare their players for high school, college, and beyond. The demand that is placed on players is significant and expectaions are high both both players and coaches.

Select teams are forming at younger ages every year and it is not uncommon to see 9-10 year-olds teams at a select level.

It is at the select level that players begin to separte themselves out a bit more. Players that were successful in previous years experience a noticeable difference and hitting mechancis become a primary necessity. Pitchers are better, teams are better and coaches are better. Suddenly, decent little league players are findingt themselves struggling at the plate and it has to do with their mechancis. Lack of weight transfer, poor swing plane, and a series of other mechancial flaws will begin to reveal itself. And, what we do as coaches will make all the difference in the world.

As players progress through the select levels the pressure begins to mount. Performance, or the lack of it, will define a program and players tend to go where they can competively compete. If your team is going to be able to compete at a high level, then the hitting mechanics being taught will become a major factor. Not to mention the fact that teaching your players the best swing mechanics in the game will only prove to be an asset that will propel them to the next level in their playing career.

Swinging down on the ball trying to get back spin is “probably” the silliest concept I have ever heard when it comes to teaching strong fundamnetal hitting. And, the only reason I say, “probably” is because there are a few others concepts that will rival this silly notion, like: Throwing your hands or knob at the ball and sitting or squishing the bug,to name a few. The best hitters in the game are not doing it, so why on earth are coaches at the higher levels teaching it? It is mind boggling how so many smart, intelligent coaches miss what seems so obvious.


Take a close hard look at what is being taught, and then take an even closer look at what professional baseball players are doing?  Are they one in the same, if so, continue on my friend.  If not, we have the perfect training system for you. 

It is easy to understand how little league coaches get mis-guided, but select and higher level coaches, not-so-much. I challenge you to take a close look at what you are doing and really anaylize what it is that you are teaching and why? You may surprise yourself.

Too many high level coaches are teaching poor mechanics, if you stop and analyze what you are really doing in regard to teaching hitting mechanics, you will be amazed at what you see, and what you can produce.