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Making The Connection Coaches Center – Gold Membership

A coaching resource program that is designed specifically for coaches interested in breaking the mold and produce truly great hitters. Making the Connection is a uniquely designed program that targets the critical elements

in the swing process.  Learn what great hitters are doing  and how you can easily and naturally maximize your ability to teach your players great hitting mechanics. A cutting edge information delivery system that allows concepts and techniques to be easily taught, learned and deciphered.  A program that challenges the norm of an old school mentality and ineffective training methods with a simple, logical approach to hitting and our top secret to hitting success.

Ted Williams once said that hitting a baseball was the single most difficult thing an athlete could ever do in any sport.  Coming from the single greatest hitter to ever play the game, that statement has major credibility and merit. And, if hitting is the most difficult thing one could ever do in a sport, then coaching it would have to be a close second.  Making the Connection will provide you a portal into the hitting world and give you an insight that few truly recognize.

Online Training Videos: members will have access to The ParkerTraining Video series phase one, two & three.  There is an art to training players to be great hitters and the video series will provide you with clear and simple instructions through the entire system.

*Video – Clips: A unique and ongoing collection of video clips of the best players in the game including clips of: Pujols, Soriano, Soto, Williams, Mantle, Bagwell, Rose,Bustos, Benji, Brett, Big Papi, Manny Ted Williams last AB, Roger Maris’ 61st, Reggie’s 3rd, just to name a few. This collection will constantly grow, and my collection will become yours. See for yourself what is really taking place in the swing process by the best in the world. 55 videos are currently posted and grows every week..

*Spark – Casts: Coach Parker presents mini-training sessions in video format that target specific areas in the swing process that you will only find here and is created specifically for MTCCC members.

*Video – Analysis: A voice-over video break down on the best players in the game. See exactly what is happening in the swing process.

*Special Player Case Studies Videos: Coach Parker examines the swings of youth players and breaks down exactly what he sees and what he would do to fix it. Voice-over analysis makes this the perfect learning tool.

*Vault: Access to the ParkerTraining video and jpeg vault. My collection continues to grow, and so will yours.

*Newsletters: An ongoing collection of published newsletters that address the challenging aspects of coaching and the fundamental pieces that define great hitting mechanics. Monthly newsletters that cover everything you can imagine when it comes to hitting.

*Blog Posts: The ParkerTraining Hitting Blog is loaded with valuable information and takes an in-depth look at the world of hitting. Interviews and special commentary designed to challenge the norm.

*Discounts and Savings: ParkerTraining is a licensed dealer and will pass on discounts on every training tool that we carry.

*Special Links: Gain access to additional articles, publications, and websites from the best coaches in the country.

*Plus, All New Training Manuals & Ebooks Published by ParkerTraining: All new written publications by coach Parker will be automatically added to the membership site and will be free to all of our members.

The ParkerTraining System Comes With Everything You Need To Start Training Your Players’, Sons’ or Daughters’ Today…

The ParkerTraining System
A 50 page training manual complete with step-by-step instructions and illustrations defining each critical element in the training process. A process that is easy to understand and easy to teach. ($47 value)

Step by Step Instructional Online Video Series

This will allow you an opportunity to build great hitters one step at a time. Built on a conceptual model and taken from the greatest hitter to play the game. Whether you are a coach, player, or parent this is a perfect training system that has been proven time and time again.  ($97 Value)

A Thinking Hitter – Teaching Your Players To Think

Clearly an under appreciated resource as a whole, the mental approach to the game needs to take a front seat when it comes to hitting. Teach your players to think and mentally work harder than the battery they are facing. True success on the outside half of the plate is a primary function of the mental approach players are using. Turn the outside half of the plate into your teams legacy, rather than their demise. ($37 Value)

The College Connection – A Scholarship Handbook

With college tuition & costs going through the roof, it is even more important that parents, coaches, & players understand just what is at stake, here. Literally 1000’s & 1000’s of dollars are available all across the country in scholarship money for student athletes, and getting a piece of that will take a lot of hard work. With the competition fierce and the talent level at an all-time high, every little thing you do will matter. Put your scholarship future in your own hands. 125 pages walks you through everything you ever need to know!   ($147 Value)

Sold separately we would be selling these manuals for $328, but you can get all (3) PLUS the ParkerTraining System Manual for the cost of just one ( $167).

Look Over My Shoulder And See Exactly How I Am Training My Players And Before Long You Will Be Producing Great Hitters All Through Your Line Up.

Click Here To Start Training Today!

As an added bonus, we are waiving our monthly fee of $19.97 for the first 500 Gold Members, yes free for life.  No monthly fee.  After we reach #500 Gold Members, we will activate our charter member monthly fee of $19.97.  Sign up today and save hundreds.

MTCCC brings together everything here at ParkerTraining and has created the ultimate training package for coaches, players, and parents. A proven system that was designed specifically to teach the art of great hitting based off the greatest player to have ever played the game. A collection of material that continuously grows. Make no mistake about it, what we do as coaches matters, so make the most of it.

Typically, registration for MTCCC requires an investment of $167 registration fee and membership dues of $19.97 a month. But, in an effort to ramp up my subscriber base for 2010, I’m reinstating my “Charter Membership Program” to the next 500 coaches. Here is how it works…

By signing up today, you will receive all three training manuals and access to the entire collection of online training videos:

  • The ParkerTraining Systems Manual
  • The ParkerTraining Online Video Series
  • A Thinking Hitter – Teaching Your Players To Think
  • The College Connection – A Scholarship Handbook
  • Spark-Cast Videos
  • MLB Video Analysis
  • Player Analysis
  • Jpegs/Video Clips
  • PT Blog & Publications

…for only $197 $167  (this is a limited offer available to first 500 new members)

As an added bonus,  we are waiving the monthly membership dues of $19.97 for the first 500 new members.

But please be warned, This is a “Charter Member” offer that is only available to the next 500 members who sign up. So, if you click the button below and find that this offer has reverted back to the old rates, don’t be surprised and don’t think it is a technical glitch. It simply means that we met our new member goal and have once again reverted back to our old rates.

Time Is very Much “Of The Essence”… I can’t stress the time-sensitiveness of this offer enough. Not only will the 500 Charter Memberships go quickly,(at which point the discount will expire). This is one opportunity you will not want to miss.  Click on the “Add To Cart” button below to join now and get instant access to The entire ParkerTraining System AND Making The Connection Coaches Center for just $167…

Try The ParkerTraining System & Making The Connection Coaches Center Gold Membership For Just $167

Only $167 (Limited Offer)

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