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Fastptich, The Players That Get It!

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When it comes to hitting, the great hitters all look the same.    Ever ask yourself why?  Well, hitting a baseball and hitting a softball are one in the same; those that say different, simply don’t get it.  Slow a video clip down and you will see; look closely at a picture and you will see; use your eyes and you will see.

Great hitters shift their weight forward prior to launching the swing.
Great hitters “fire” at heel drop which sets off a rapid series of mechanical wonder:  Heel, hip, torso, arms & hands.
Great hitters level the bat head and get behind the ball.
Great hitters understand the significance of Ideal Impact.
Great hitters push through the ball and extend to their Power V.
Great Hitter’s, get it!

Weight Transfer

Weight moves forward slightly prior to launching the swing

Hips at Heel Drop

Heel drop, hips, torso and then the hands.  Hips lead the way.


Get the bat behind the ball and swing up through it;  There has to be a loop in the swing and the back shoulder has to drop in order to do so.

Ideal Impact 

Ideal Impact is when the bat and ball meet at a 90 degree angle.  Wrists are square and strong and the “Hitters Box” is in perfect position.

The Power “V”

Push through the ball to the Power “V” and keep the swing clean and smooth.  No wrist roll and no throwing the hands.

Teach your players the best fastpitch hitting mechanics in the game.

The ParkerTraining System 

How it Works

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