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Derby Girls Rock Nationals

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Congratulations!  Derby Girls Combat roll through NW Nationals.  If you haven’t got a chance to watch these  gals play ball, you are missing something.  Truly a talented group of ladies that play with gravel in their guts and never say die.  I have been fortunate to spend a little time with Christan Dowling and the Derby Girls this Spring and have been impressed with how well they play the game.  When it comes to hitting, Dowling is clearly one of the best hitters in the country and she can hit it a country mile.  All you have to do is watch her swing in slow motion and you will know why she is the best.  She matches planes and swings up through the ball.


Not being all that familiar with the slow pitch side of the game, I was eager to jump in and see what the general philosophy of hitting was, and what was being taught.  I guess I should’t have been surprised, but it was no different then what I have been hearing from coaches and players for years.  A large majority believe in swinging down on the ball (no surprise) and are trying to get top spin on the ball, but… not the great ones.  The best players match plane for plane, the plane of the ball to the plane of the bat, and smash it.

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