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Since 2004, Combat Sports has emerged as the fastest growing brand in baseball and softball industry. Armed with the momentum of that growth, combined with its longstanding expertise in the design and manufacturing of composite sporting goods products, Combat Sports amalgamated Fairweather Sports and subsequently Ballistik Hockey bringing the Sutherland Father / Son and Fairweather teams together, creating the platform for a company destined to change the hockey and baseball / softball industries forever…..


Today, we have grown to over 100 employees and have distribution worldwide; we continue to be the fastest growing brand in the sports of softball, baseball and hockey.

Our success is simple:

Everyone at Combat Sports has a genuine love and enthusiasm for the game and our product. Our staff consists of elite level players, past greats and weekend warriors that truly understand the players needs. Not only are we regarded as composite design, manufacturing, and engineering experts, but we are also die hard fans and players of the games. Above all, we strive to understand what players need and want. We truly live by our motto:



  • ComBat has the most experienced and talented Engineers who are designing the most cutting edge sporting goods products on the planet
  • They are supported by a Sales and Marketing team that are players, fans, warriors and most of all, passionate about what they do.
  • they will outwork all of their competitors.
  • They will compete harder than all of their competitors….
  • They want it more than all of their competitors..

THE RESULT = A company that is destined to be on top in the very near future…..

If you are not swinging a ComBat, it may be time for a change!

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