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Coach Nemo

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Sparky, I want to thank you for allowing me to sit in on your training session last week at Pacific University. What really impressed me was the way you carried yourself. I felt you definitely sent the message to the athletes that here is a man who not only has charisma but also has a great knowledge in his approach to how to teach hitting mechanics.

I could not help but notice how well the players, especially the new freshman class, were able to articulate what was happening in their own swing mechanics in such a short amount of time that you have been working with them.   I spoke with several of the softball players while you were giving lessons in the batting cages to see if they really understood what you were attempting to do with their swing mechanics.  They all stated how easy it was to master and could definitely feel the difference between the two styles of swing.

I was impressed at how quickly they picked up your system and the notable outcome when their mechanics were clean, you could see the ball jumping off their bat, what impressed me when I asked the question would you go back to your old style of hitting or would you continue with the new.  Without hesitation, they all said they loved the new method of hitting and they could definitely feel that they were increasing their bat speed just from the changes in technique of rotating on a front axis.

Sparky, keep up the great work and I look forward to working with you and implementing my speed drills into your training system.       I cannot wait to get started with the blending of our two programs and seeing how it not only will affect the athletes but also the coaches too.

Personally, I feel your method of teaching is refreshing and on the cutting edge in the art of swinging a bat and making contact with the ball combining speed and power.  You have come up with a great teaching strategy and I consider you one of the top hitting gurus in the country.

Coach Nemo

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