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Coach:  First of all, let me just say, we didn’t win the championship in our 10U rec league.  We did make it to the semi-finals and to be honest, it was a combination of great hitting and great pitching that got us there.  We got beat with great defense and a little better pitching than we have seen all season.  We were able to put the ball in play 14 out of 17 times at the plate.  Granted, they weren’t all text-book shots to the outfield, but if you remember from earlier emails, we were lucky to get one hit a game in the first couple games, which prompted me getting in touch with you out of frustration in the first place.  To put it into perspective, I have a just turned 9-year-old that probably should have played “coach pitch” level around.  She has been terrified to swing the bat all session for fear of getting hit and did the classic bail out on every pitch.  Ironically, she really took to the ideal impact drills and the insider bat, which I constantly ran each and every practice and warm up.  She has a swing that you would be proud of!!!  She finally got the bat on the ball in our last game.  Maybe not the best hit of the session, but from where I’m standing, the most memorable.  I wasn’t exactly blessed with the best talent and to be honest, was a little disappointed at our first practice when I saw the hand I was dealt.  Your email several weeks ago telling me to just stick with it and keep working the system would payoff in the long run was just what I needed.  I realize you have dealt with much higher levels of play than I will probably ever experience, but I guess what I am trying to say in a very long and drawn out way, is “Thank You.”

If you could have seen the difference in my girls from day one to the end of the fall session, you would have been amazed.  I had parents come up to me and thank me for everything I had done to make their daughters not only better, but to enjoy the game like they did.  Even my own dad paid me the ultimate compliment after our last couple games he watched on how well I did dealing with the girls and how well they had done over the session.  My dad is a great guy, but he doesn’t give out false praise, so that meant a lot to me.

Look, I know you don’t know me from Adam and quite frankly I don’t know you either, but as a coach, I just want to say, thank you for your system, your advise via emails and quite frankly keeping in touch with me when I had questions.  You probably get hundreds of emails daily from coaches of all levels and it is very impressive that you stay in touch the way you do.  It is unexpected and impressive.  Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I think if you lived in AZ, we would be good friends, because we are both on the same page and have similar passion for coaching and the sport.  I plan to stay in coaching as long as my daughter continues to play and hope I can call on you with questions as things progress.  I will probably order some of the more advanced hitting videos and training as the levels advance for her.

On a side note, one of the dads that helped me out this last session has some friends that are or were major league coaches (or have been involved in MLB) and he has totally bought into your system as well.  I thought he was going to be a road block and fight me on what I was showing the girls and he was the first one to compliment me on what I was doing.  He has nothing but high praise for the insider bat and the system.  He wishes he would have had that for his son’s little league a couple of years ago.

Thanks again, Mike.

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