Monday, December 11, 2017

B7 System

Dee Gordon & Perry “Bone” Hill

2015 Gold Glove

Dee& Bone

” I Learned from the Best”  Dee Gordon

As a special thank you to all of our loyal supporters, ParkerTraining and The PTMethod has been authorized to provide our members with a 50% discount to the Texas B7 System, taught by MLB infield guru, Perry “Bone” Hill.

Boston Globe named Perry Hill is best infield coach in the MLB.

bone marlin the ptmethod1. Perry Hill, Marlins — Generally regarded as the best infield guy, using metrics and other new-age methods to get what many consider the best results in baseball.


2. Butterfield, Red Sox — Probably the hardest-working coach in the game. Constant positive reinforcement and instruction is off the charts.

3. Bobby Knoop, Angels — A long, proven approach to coaching infielders.

For the first time ever, coach Hill is sharing his secrets to success. Every thing you would want to know about coaching and teaching great infielders is right here at you finger tips. Join us today and become a member of the Texas B7 family and we will save you 50%.  Yes, you will only find it here and it is exclusively offered to our members.

The Texas B7 System – Perry “Bone” Hill


Here is what our members will receive when they join the Texas B7 System.

  • Online Videos of Perry Hill’s 6F’s of Fielding.
  • Bone’s Back Hand Videos.
  • The Texas B7 Training Manual / 80 pages.
  • The Bone Position Video’s – Authentic video footage from Bones Expos and Pirates years.
  • Bones Positioning and Defense Rotation Diagrams.
  • Infield Warm-up Progression.

We are very proud of the package we have put together for our members and we are 100% confident you will too.  Don’t let another season pass you by with mediocre results, elevate your game and set a new standard, 27 outs…No More!


$79.00 50% Discount to ALL PT Members – Only $39.50