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Perry “Bone” Hill

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Boston Globe names Perry Hill as #1 infield coach in the MLB (2014)   If you were ever in need of improving your fielding mechanics and establishing a defensive system into your program, then do I have a gift for you.  Perry “Bone” Hill, arguably the best infield coach in the MLB, has assembled his work […]

Kate and Taylor

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I am so proud to say that Kate and Taylor are setting the ACCC ablaze, and they are just getting started. Kate and Taylor have been working with the ParkerTraining System since they were 14 and are making a mark. If there is any doubt out there about the fundamental approach to hitting these two […]

Perry ” Bone” Hill

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Sparky Parker has a gift few have in our profession.  Not only does he have a proven program and track record, he has vastly improved individuals as well as entire teams.  What sets him apart is he can relate to all players and TEACH!!  He genuinely cares about his pupils and has a necessity in […]

Corissa Santos Makes Her Mark

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HIT PARADE: A View at the Plate With Brandon Rogalski & Corissa Santos – By Chris Mitchell WUSTL Sports Information Director Seniors Brandon Rogalski and Corissa Santos have had a good view at the plate in four years at Washington University in St. Louis. Rogalski and Santos both rank in the top-five in career hits for the baseball and softball […]


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Since 2004, Combat Sports has emerged as the fastest growing brand in baseball and softball industry. Armed with the momentum of that growth, combined with its longstanding expertise in the design and manufacturing of composite sporting goods products, Combat Sports amalgamated Fairweather Sports and subsequently Ballistik Hockey bringing the Sutherland Father / Son and Fairweather […]

Don’t Sit Back

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Why Keeping the Weight Back is a Really Bad Idea. This is a gamble that many coaches are taking when they talk about keeping the weight back.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that great hitters move forward prior to launching their swing.  And if a player is moving forward prior to launching […]

Fastptich, The Players That Get It!

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When it comes to hitting, the great hitters all look the same.    Ever ask yourself why?  Well, hitting a baseball and hitting a softball are one in the same; those that say different, simply don’t get it.  Slow a video clip down and you will see; look closely at a picture and you will see; […]

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